Labour and Social Security Law

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Employment contracts terminated unfairly by employers and workers can not predict how they will act with economic anxiety and demoralization. Employers are pushing workers of the advantage provided by the location and even the legal rights even as they avoid paying insurance premiums to resign sometimes they want to lay off workers and employers. Workers people when they resign by mobbing Yıldırarak if workers are trying to give the image of the dedicated work of their own volition. However, if you are exposed to mobbing justified reason to terminate your employment contract and sued. Although our country a new concept entered our legal system is a condition frequently encountered mobbing.

Firm in our labor will be cases (mobbing cases are also included), service identification lawsuits arising lawsuits from accidents at work, work-related work extradition proceedings are carried out and provided advisory services on these issues. As for informational purposes only some of the questions often asked by our clients in business law, we want to share with you here.

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