Intellectual Property Rights Law

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Our office is not unaware against rapidly growing business in the world. Things to and is involved closely with trade agreements being made. Our office knows that every firm, company, or even a different signature even in the trading and manufacturing countries, there is a different flavor. Manufacturer of the protection of these differences and distinctive features believes that manufacturers should not be victims. stop the theft of our labor office said Turkey is also sensitive to the intellectual and industrial property rights. If this process is complete for all types of challenges that may arise in preparation to confront.

Our office cinema and range of players that can occur against our film company losses, while losses on previous experience and knowledge to future cases which is now in the process and the experience is complete. Movie companies to solve their disputes with the actress and movie series and is focused on the end result.

Our office published a work of art, magazine, and book piracy is cruel and solid against every infringement. If the company is moving towards registration of trademark and branding consultancy service.

These issues need to visual, must frequently check the written sources of our company in favor of his client in accordance with the emerging new era of science and technology of a virtual environment is good use.

Our office offers consultancy services to visual and written media. Foreign firms convenience services in the movie theater and other issues will make our country. Domestic firms have the required permissions series of clips from films shot abroad and failing to be experienced together with any foreign legislation should be based on the working principles.

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