Family Law

in Diğer

Because the lives of people with deeply affected by divorce divorce is becoming one of the most important issues for the persons concerned. Therefore, the parties divorced get help from a good lawyer would be a very appropriate decision. On the other hand, especially the need for more women because they do not fully support the legal rights of women are in Turkey.,

Divorce is one of the most important result of the liquidation of the problem marital property. Divorce goods will be liquidated in accordance with the regime to which they are subject. Parties can choose to get married before or after one of the marital property located in the Turkish Civil Code. If there is no agreement between the couples property regime, goods are liquidated according to legal property regime that is not marital property agreement yet in our country is more common. Marriage with liquidation proceedings for divorce or after the divorce of goods can also be opened. This issue is made even though divorce is dilatory.

Our law firm, your divorce and cost sharing on the agenda, however, alimony, child custody and financial compensation claim against you in your offers legal services.

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