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Consumers who are in a weaker position in the face of consumer law aims to protect vendors and providers. You do not have to take your rights arising from consumer legislation forward through necessarily the case. Consumer Problems of the arbitral tribunal established in provincial and district centers can achieve by applying this to your right. This road is shorter and more economical, though only the cost of arbitration in disputes to which it is in my judgment below a certain amount. In cases where costs exceed the decisions are a guideline only. In such cases, your rights and not by reference to the Consumer Problems of the arbitral tribunal to open in consumer courts will give you a more precise search results with the case.

“Despite our Supreme Court of Cassation ‘s case law to protect consumers in accordance with the new date; TL 3300 companies’ receivables to the point where it is mandatory under the arbitration instead of going directly to consumers enforcement proceedings should not be overlooked. “We can add a form. Again, we add it to the site, I believe monetary limits for 2015 would be more informative.

The first paragraph of Article 68 of the Law on Consumer Protection No. 6502 and 27/11 / 2014tarihl and published in the Official Gazette No. 29188 Regulation 6 ncımadde accordance consumer Jury;

Consumer arbitration committee of the monetary limits related to the dispute not dependents and authorized officials;

a) The district consumer arbitration committees upper limit for monetary,  200 Turkish Lira,

b) in the provinces with the status of metropolitan provinces consumer arbitration committees monetary limits for,  200 and 3,300 Turkish Lira Turkish Lira  cross,

c) the status of non-metropolitan provinces of upper monetary limit for provincial consumer arbitration committees at the central, 3.300 Turkish Lira

d) The monetary limit for consumers yl Arbitration districts connected to non-metropolitan status yl, was determined to be between 2200 and 3300 Turkish Lira Turkish Lira.

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