Commercial Law and International Commercial Law

in Diğer

Our law firm operates in the field of commercial law and commercial litigation experience are numerous. our client companies in the domestic and international law, takeovers and mergers, we provide legal support for issues of negotiable instruments law and the preparation of contracts with the follow-up of all kinds of commercial litigation. Especially export abroad, the company will import from abroad to prevent future legal disputes life, we provide legal support in the preparation of contracts in order to minimize legal disputes. Our client is a lawyer calls fall into trouble again go to foreign countries to follow suit in the country concerned is a lack of a legal dispute with foreign companies abroad to make our office.
Doing business with overseas globalized world, exporting abroad, we have lots of company engaged in the import from abroad. This begin work with companies rightly wonder we have problems in the future doubts are beginning to work. their contracts are required to prepare well to beat this. Agreement is good for each country to determine the rights and obligations of the parties. However, the agreement drew alongside, reliability of negotiable instruments such as securities, as collateral acceptability varies from country to country. For example, there are always not-term ability to collect on checks in Iran. Besides, the existence of the contract is accepted more checks rather than in Germany. Therefore, cross-country vehicle of the collateral is necessary to know better.

Imports, in case there are disputes with companies that export of the country is quite difficult to find reliable attorneys in the country. This is our office to work together to overcome the problem that a large number of law firms in the country is located in France, Iran, Great Britain, Germany, Greece are some of them. We worked together on the issue in dispute in the overseas We’re working with the international law firm. You are not looking lawyers in the country you have problems.
Investors who want to invest to come to Turkey from abroad in the removal of the company’s feasibility they want to do here partnership (due diligence) process and then the shareholding contract (Shareholders agreement) preparation, share transfer contract (share purchase agreement) preparation (Capital Market if necessary Board, Competition Board such as receipt of approval of the transfer of shares of authorized bodies are also included), amended the then company’s articles of incorporation, the company board of directors the creation of bodies such as the follow up of the general Assembly made the transactions and clients in English and have plenty of experience in informing the Turkish language.

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